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Cookbook - Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets by Jeff Keasberry


Cookbook - Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets by Jeff Keasberry


Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets takes you on a journey of the Indo Dutch diaspora that started in the former Dutch East Indies. It follows the path of the people who traversed different continents and multiple cultures while managing to preserve their heritage to reinforce their identity. It’s about a little known secret in the culinary world, a cherished cultural treasure, which is at the heart of this community. It explores and celebrates the blending of Indonesian, Dutch and the resultant Indo Dutch fusion cooking style, all coming together in one fascinating cuisine – more than 350 years in the making.

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These cuisines are still relatively unknown in the USA. Despite Indonesia being the 4th most populated country in the world (more than 6,000 populated Islands), few Americans are familiar with the rich Indonesian and the indo Dutch fusion cuisine.

Indonesian food and Indo Dutch fusion is poised to make an impact in the novelty-hungry culinary world. It can be favorably compared to Thai food and therefore has great crossover potential. There is a growing interest in family recipes, apropos of cultural heritage and traditional cooking styles. The stroopwafel has gone mainstream and now it’s time for the Rijsttafel and all those other culinary treats to find their way to your table. We are presenting a cookbook to make this all accessible to you.

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